B&B Pro Taxes Yonkers
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B&B Pro Taxes Yonkers
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B&B PROFESSIONAL TAXES LLC is a licensed provider of business accounting services, including:
• Business Entity Selection
• Buying & Selling a Business
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll
• Financial Analysis or Financial Statements
• Tax Preparation & Planning
• Audit
• Regulatory Compliance
• Financial Consulting
Our staff of financial analysts, payroll specialists, and certified business accountants are well known for providing top-notch accounting support to business clients. Managing Clients within the following industries: - Construction, Automotive, Real Estate, Retail, Professional Services, Oil & Gas Services, Beauty Salons, and Taxi & Trucking etc. We’re proud to work with successful organizations who rely on our services to maintain and grow their businesses.


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Our Successful Quote: -

“Coming Together is the {Beginning}, Keeping Together is the {Progress}, Working Together is {Success}”. “You Don’t Build A Business. You Build People and The People Build the Business”.

Why do customers choose you?

B&B PRO TAXES operate as an extension of your internal staff. We perform a variety of financial and accounting services and offer you the maximum flexibility by allowing you to rely on us for any of the services that we offer as needed. The following sections provide details regarding each of the services that you’ll have at your disposal should you choose B&B PRO TAXES as your accounting services provider.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A business cannot exist without its customers, and therefore companies are focusing on how to win new business and, perhaps more importantly, retain existing customers.

Customer experience is the most exciting opportunity for businesses next year and the reason is simple; the companies that focus on customer experience reduce churn and increase revenues – leading to higher profits!

We care about our “Clients”. That’s our Motivation. We are providing "Excellent Customer Service" to our customers. A business should be built around how to delive

How can you help businesses develop?

Our financial consulting services are designed to provide you with expert analysis and advice regarding your company’s strategic decisions. As you consider exploring business opportunities, investments, and partnerships, it is important to understand the short, medium, and long-term ramifications of your decisions. Our financial consulting services make it easy to understand the financial impact your decisions will have on your company’s future.
Compliance with State, Local, and Federal financial regulations is extremely important to every busi


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