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What is Accounting?

Accounting is the backbone of a business's financial health and well-being - it measures and displays the economic results of a business's ventures. Hiring an accountant for this process helps lessen the burden on you and your business, allowing you more time to prioritize what matters most.

Unsure about which accounting services your business needs? Ageras can connect you with the right expert according to your specific needs, free of charge. Getting help with accounting has never been easier.

Get Accounting Help
Get Accounting Help

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Get Accounting Help
Get Accounting Help

Small businesses

Numerous accounting services are helpful and beneficial to small business owners. From providing advice on business growth to help with filing your business taxes, an accountant can help handle it all.


Applying for and receiving government grants, assorted sources of income, and complicated tax statuses can lead to a need for a variety of accounting services.


It's important for investors to know that your finances are in the correct order. Accounting services such as proper financial statements that will give your investors and creditors peace of mind and confidence in your growing startup business.

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Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting investigates, examines, and analyzes finances to look into suspected fraud or other financial crimes.

Financial accounting

Either via cash accounting or accrual accounting, this service tracks a business's financial transactions using standard principles and guidelines to provide information and reports to external sources.

Managerial accounting

In contrast to financial accounting, managerial accounting provides accounting information to internal sources of the business so that managers can make informed future financial decisions and analyze their past decisions.

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting records, processes, and analyzes employee wages, salary, and other compensation.

Inventory accounting

If you business involves inventoried assets, inventory accounting tracks and reports the goods or services produced by your business in different stages.

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