Find an Auditor

Find an Auditor

What is an Auditor?

An auditor is a certified accountant who reviews financial accounts for errors, omissions, and ensures that accounts are true and correct. An auditor will ensure that your company is compliant with the law and that all operations are running smoothly.

With our help at Ageras, you can easily find an auditor for your needs. Use the opportunity of our offer and avoid the complicated search for the right bookkeeper. Whether you're just starting or have been in business for years, hiring a bookkeeper has never been easier.

Find an Auditor
Find an Auditor

This is how we find the right auditor for you:

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Find an Auditor
Find an Auditor

Small businesses

Small businesses are always in need of proper accounting and bookkeeping protocol. Internal and external audits are a necessary part of running your small business. A qualified auditor will help you navigate every step of the auditing process.

Sole proprietorships

The sole proprietorship business structure often leads to commingling of business and personal funds, which can trigger tax audits. These businesses also often have a long, unusual list of tax deductions which can cause red flags on their tax returns. It can be wise to hire an accountant to prepare your tax return to ensure these issues are taken care of before they cause an audit to be prompted, and to be properly prepared should the time come.


The federal, state, and local governments may request copies of your audited financial statements. A certified auditor can review your accounting material and officially sign off on these documents for you.

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Take Notes

Auditors will examine you financial records and analyze your business situation to determine how well your organization has complied with applicable laws and regulations, its internal policies and procedures.


Auditors will observe and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of the department while offering recommendations for improvement.

Review Documents

Auditors review documentation to look for potential issues in them while suggesting solutions and highlight areas for improvement.

Interview Employees

Auditors will often ask questions and test employees’ knowledge of your company’s overall objectives, safety standards, training, and compliance rules and regulations.

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