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What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the backbone of your business. Tracking your business' transactions correctly is essential to analyzing your company's financial situation, setting a budget, and getting on track to achieving growth and reaching your long term goals.

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Get Help with Bookkeeping


For nonprofits, proper bookkeeping is crucial. Complicated invoices and income sources can put good intentioned volunteers out of their league. Ageras can find you a bookkeeper experienced with helping nonprofits with the specific help they need.

Small businesses

Small businesses need to keep their records organized. Commingling of funds can often occur in small business structures such as LLCs and sole proprietorships, which can lead to stressful tax audits. Proper bookkeeping will help you run your business smoothly - getting you on a better budget, prepare taxes wisely, organize your finances, and analyze your financial future.

Groups and Organizations

Small groups and organizations such as churches that may not be registered in a nonprofit status can be of great benefit from using bookkeeping services. A bookkeeper will help you track contributions correctly and can assist in creating a helpful yearly budget to make the most of your group. A good bookkeeper can also help your organization qualify for a loan should the need arise for your next big project.

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Remote or virtual bookkeeping

These days, many bookkeepers can work with you via the computer from anywhere in the country at your convenience.

Bank reconciliation

A bookkeeper can help you reconcile and balance your checkbooks, especially if there is an error or discrepancy.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Find out who you owe money to, and who owes money to you. A bookkeeper will help you balance assets and liabilities, figuring out customer invoicing and invoices you owe to others.

Loan qualification

Properly prepared financial statements help you and your business qualify for the loans you need. Having organized books can make your business preferred in the eyes of financial institutions, and makes it easier to find essential documents when it comes time to apply.

Full charge bookkeeping

Full charge bookkeepers can manage your business's payroll, handle deposits, and create monthly financial reports. This special service goes beyond the basic scope of bookkeeping, so be on the lookout for specialized full charge bookkeepers should the need arise.

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