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If you have tax problems, owe back taxes, have received a tax notice from the IRS, or are subject to an IRS tax audit, it is time to hire professional IRS representation. IRS representation will allow a professional CPA, enrolled agent (EA), or tax attorney to take your place during investigations, discussions, and other contacts with the IRS.

Similar to having a lawyer advocate for you in court, an IRS representative can help be a stand-in for you during all of your interactions and dealings with the IRS. A professional can navigate complex agreements with the IRS while providing the necessary information and explanations on your behalf.

From audits, tax issues, IRS levies, liens, and seizures, it is important to remember that in the eyes of US law, taxpayers have the right to IRS representation. Well-qualified representatives will streamline the process of all of these issues and more, taking the burden off of you and helping get you the best outcome.

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Professional Interactions

CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys act as a stand-in for you during interactions with the IRS. They can provide documentation, help provide more evidence, and answer questions on your behalf to make your case run smoothly and simply. Your representative will take matters into their own hands, taking the burden off of your shoulders.

Positive Agreements

An IRS representative is trained to negotiate the best possible agreements and outcomes for IRS problems. Whether it is settling tax debt or dealing with audit disputes and appeals, an IRS representative has the necessary experience and expertise to help argue the laws and points needed to get the outcomes desired.

Information and Explanations

IRS problems can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating. IRS representatives have years of training and experience dealing with similar issues, so they can explain the process every step along the way, keeping you well informed.

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IRS Liens, Levys, Garnishments

Due to tax problems or owing back taxes, the IRS may seize your property, assets, or garnish wages if you are unable to make a payment in cash. A professional can navigate the process in making a settlement to help even your IRS debt and pay the back taxes owed.

Tax Audits

In case of a tax audit, an IRS representative will present to the IRS on behalf of your business to provide your records and argue your case. A professional is needed to represent you in order to argue the complex tax laws with the IRS and give you the best outcome for your audit results.


If you are in disagreement with the result of a tax audit, you can get IRS representation to help appeal to the auditor’s supervisor, the Appeals Division of the IRS, and the Tax Court. An IRS representative can handle your case all the way from the beginning of your initial audit until the end of the appeals process.


if you have an outstanding tax bill, the IRS is usually willing to work with you and negotiate what is owed. A representative can work with the IRS to negotiate a fair installment agreement, currently not collectible posting, potential bankruptcy, or offer in compromise.

Penalty Relief

An experienced, professional representative can help settle penalty relief matters such as Innocent spouse relief or Bankruptcy. An IRS representative will understand how to represent these sensitive issues and navigate these situations into a better outcome.

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