Accounting software is a cheap and effective way for small businesses to manage business financial transactions. The wages of a professional accountant may be hard to bear due to the income of a small business, leading you to turn to accounting software as an alternative.

With the help of software, you can cut down on the amount of time spent on data entry and reduce errors that can negatively impact your business' finances. There are many options to choose from, but how will you choose the right one for your business? To help you decide, we've compiled a list of the best accounting software for businesses.

The Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Check out these top accounting software solutions for your small business.  

1. For all-inclusive automation: Quickbooks

2. For easy to use invoicing: Freshbooks

3. For sharing with employees and accountants: Sage

4. For simple software: Xero

5. For hands-off concierge service: Ageras

Logos of popular accounting software for small businesses

Accounting Software n.1: Quickbooks

Thousands of small businesses rely on Intuit QuickBooks Online, and for good reasons. This cloud-based program includes a comprehensive collection of functions that may be accessed via the web or a mobile app.

Some of QuickBooks' features are invoicing and payments, receipt capturing and expense monitoring, mileage tracking, cash flow, and inventory management, and more.

The features available differ based on the package you select, including the option to add extra users to your accounts, such as your staff or professional accountant, and manage their access. 

Using QuickBooks Online for automated bookkeeping and accounting is an excellent starting point.

Accounting Software n.2: Freshbooks

Freshbooks may be the tool for you if you need a simpler way to create and manage what seems like too numerous invoices. It allows for more customization than most other accounting software, and it can be used by anyone with little to no experience.

The features of Freshbooks are; to create limitless invoices, automate payment reminders and late fees, manage project budgets, and take deposits and payments. It can also integrate Gusto, GSuite, and even Bench with your tax software, filing tools, and other tools you employ.

Freshbooks offers a variety of monthly plans in addition to reduced yearly plans.

Accounting Software n.3: Sage

Sage Business Cloud Accounting, formerly known as Sage One, is a global brand that provides small businesses with online accounting.

It's cloud-based, and you may customize it to fit your sector, company size, and requirements. Over three million organizations utilize it to link you with specific accounting solutions.

Because it's a respected company, it provides software that doesn't require any accounting knowledge. Your accountant can view your books and use the program for no extra charge.

Some of the features of Sage Business Cloud Accounting are to organize your company's finances and cash flow, accept and receive money, payroll administration, and check your business finances via mobile app.

It's a tool for ensuring tax compliance, Inventory management, making cash flow projections, and a user can share real-time access with an accountant from any device. It can connect to your banking institution and other apps like AutoEntry, Zync, and others.

Accounting Software n.4: Xero

Xero is one of best options for microbusinesses searching for extremely basic accounting software.

This program features a straightforward user interface and seamlessly interacts with a third-party payroll service. Through Xero's interface with Stripe and GoCardless, businesses can accept payments from clients online.

It's cloud-based, has app for mobile devices, allows Gusto's payroll integration, it allows integration with third-parties platforms, and a simple inventory management.

Before you choose...

Despite software's ability to help you keep track of your books, remember that managing them still takes some time. In many cases, you'd be better off using this time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Additionally, even the best bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses is only as trustworthy as the information you enter. It's easy to make mistakes with your finances if you're not an accountant or bookkeeper.

Often, hiring a professional accountant is a better option than doing your own accounting. Your small business can run more smoothly with the help of a professional accountant who can save you even more time than software.

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