How does Ageras work?

Ageras is a successful marketing and matchmaking platform exclusively for accounting services. Our goal is to create long lasting relationships between an interested client and a qualified accountant. Every client submission Ageras receives for accounting services are directly matched to the accountants expertise. Providing 3 quotes to the inquiring clients and marketing our accountants, partners as we call them, expertise. Our simple process eliminates any headache when searching for an accounting professional. Ageras does the leg-work when marketing accounting industries to target the exact audience searching for them. 

How fast will I receive my quotes after my inquiry submission?

A client will receive 3 different professional firm offers, profiles, reviews, and contact details 24-business hours after a quick submission on our website After receiving the initial offers from Ageras accounting partners, the client may follow-up with the accounting partner of their choice directly. Additionally, the selected 3 accountants will be provided the clients contact details only after they submit an offer. The accountants also may initiate the correspondence. 

You will find all the necessary contact information here on your own Customer Portal at Ageras.

I have not received 3 quotes, why?

There are several reasons an interested client may not be eligible to receive offers or be matched with an Ageras accountant. Please refer to the bullets below to review the unqualifying factors.   

  • Client submissions that are deemed incomplete or missing vital information
  • The client prefers a local accountant within a certain geographic distance that Ageras is unable to fulfill
  • Contact information provided by the client is unreachable
  • The clients submitted criteria for accounting services does not match any of the accountants in the Ageras network

If your submission goes unanswered, please call the office directly at 267-800-0215 or send a response to to speak with a live client consultant. Please Have your case number ready so that we can quickly help you further. 
*Your case no. you may find in the subject field of one of the emails we have sent you. Ex. case no. #414100

I am not satisfied with my quotes or I am unable to contact my allocated partners

Call and speak to a client consultant by dialing 267-800-0215 for further assistance. Please have your case number ready. (ex. case no. #414100). Our team is excited to assist you in scheduling a meeting with your preferred accountant. 

What do Accountants consider when drafting the initial price for service? 

Our partners submit offers for service after a deep review of the criteria submitted by  the interested client. The more detailed the information, the more accurate your offer will be. Please keep in mind these are initial offers which are subject to change after correspondence between client and accountant. The price may be adjusted to a more realistic or budget friendly engagement after contact has been made.

Reminder: The Ageras Marketplace inquiries submitted by clients are non-binding. Our marketplace is simply a tool to ensure an easy connection between clients and accountants alike. All engagements or contracts will be agreed upon by the client and the accountant of their choice. Ageras is not responsible for any payment, invoice, or contract decided between accountant or client. 

Why are the 3 quotes different prices when the accountants are quoting for the same service?

Each accountant in the Ageras network is entitled to structure their offers based on their skillset, qualifications, experience, and their companies rate. The accountants also obtain the right to adjust their offers at any time. Clients are advised to review partners' full profiles, reviews, credentials along with price quotes when deciding which professional is the right fit for them. 

I have already submitted my request but my circumstances have changed. What do I do now? 

Contact the partner with whom you have chosen to proceed and agree directly with them what the next step is.
You will find all the necessary contact information here on your own Customer Portal.

Note: If you no longer require accounting services please inform Ageras support on Tel. 267-800-0215 to have your case closed. You may also send an email to support at 

If you do not see your question listed on this FAQ do not hesitate to call and speak with a live consultant today. Ageras looks forward to helping you!


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