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While you lend out your helping hands, put your organization's finances in someone else's. Audits, bookkeeping, tax filing, and more take crucial time away from running your organization. At Ageras, we'll connect you with 3 perfect professionals suited to your nonprofit's unique needs - 100% free of charge.

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Amazing website for all my accountant search needs. Very helpful. Stress relieving.
Yash Pandey 5 stars
I used their services to gather quotes on a Single Audit and annual tax filing for a nonprofit. The website worked great and Ageras staff kept in touch during the entire process.
Christine Twait 5 stars

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  • In just 2 minutes, fill in our quick form to tell us about you, your nonprofit, and the type of accounting help you're looking for.
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Finding an accountant should be easy, fast, & 100% free. Here’s why over 200,000 nonprofits have used Ageras to find theirs.

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Professionals dedicated to and experienced in supporting nonprofit needs.

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Tackle audits, financial reviews, bookkeeping, and more.

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2 minutes to get started, 3 competitive quotes for your nonprofit within hours.

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Our accountants offer the best prices for the opportunity to help your nonprofit.

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Read real feedback from your accountant's current and prior customers.

How Ageras Works

Learn for yourself why over 200,000 businesses trust us.

Since 2012, Ageras has helped thousands of nonprofits like yours find the right accountant. We work with only the best and most trustworthy accountants - guaranteed. Our extensive network lets us find help for nonprofits of every type, every size, and in every corner of the country.

I was placed with a really good fit for a 3 year non profit audit for certification. The auditor we are working with has done many audits for non profits including in preparation for the same certification we are renewing. Super happy with Erin Miles knowledge of her clients areas of special expertise. Much appreciated!

Patrick Williams, 5 stars

Simple and easy to use. I found a great accountant for my business in just a few days. Thank you guys very much.

Andy Lee, 5 stars

Ageras went above and beyond for our company! The level and quality of personal service and high-touch is something rarely seen today. I would recommend Ageras to any of my clients looking for accounting services.

Gardner Schroth, 5 stars

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We know the best professionals in every city, for every budget, and for every preference. Our partnered accountants are highly specialized in helping nonprofits just like yours.



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Save time.

2 minutes to get started, 3 competitive quotes within hours.

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Get accountants offering you the best price for the opportunity to help your nonprofit.

100% free.

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Erin Miles, Client Consultant

Connect with the best for your nonprofit's needs.

Specialized needs require special attention.

When dealing with a nonprofit, you're dealing with strict tax codes, funding, and donations that can make handling your books a burden.

At Ageras, we find the best, most experienced professional you need depending on your unique circumstance, so you're free to do what you do best - running your organization.


Depending on the size of your annual budget and sources of your funding, your nonprofit may be required by law to conduct an audit.

Federal, state, and local governments may request copies of your audited financial statements. A certified auditor can review your accounting material and officially sign off on these documents for you.

These independent or single audits can be complicated to navigate alone, which is why the right professional is crucial. Our qualified auditors are specialized in understanding nonprofit audits like yours and can guide you through everything before, during, and after your audit.

Tax filing

Form 990 tax forms are required for most tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. This form comes in multiple iterations depending on the size of your nonprofit, and can even be waived in certain circumstances, so it's important to have your options reviewed by a professional experienced in nonprofit tax filing.

 An accountant or CPA can also help you apply for and maintain your tax-exempt status. IRS subsection 501(c) details the specific requirements for your nonprofit to be exempt from federal, state, and property taxes. The right professional will ensure that your organization is categorized correctly and save you from tax hassles.


While you may have been taking care of the books yourself, finding a nonprofit-friendly bookkeeper is essential. Your nonprofit's finances can come with unique challenges that are best taken on by a professional to ensure that your books are free from errors in case of an audit.

Your bookkeeper can help you process your payroll, record data entries, keep track of expenses, and most importantly allocate your expenses.

Nonprofits carry numerous costs divided by program, administration, and fundraising. Your bookkeeper will be responsible for keeping your day-to-day records up-to-date and organized.

Advice and Counsel

Take your nonprofit to the next level with expert advice and financial counseling tailored to your needs.

A financial advisor can offer customized solutions and best practices for your organization to support your growth.

Get expert help with nonprofit tax compliance, charts of accounts, and more.

End of Year Tasks

Eliminate the hassle of filing year-end 1099s and taking care of your end of year tasks such as annual reports and tax letters.

The end of the year is a critical time for your nonprofit to collect donations and fundraising. In fact, statistics show that 28% of nonprofits raise between 26 – 50% of their fundraising during the end of the year.

Focus your attention on your organization and leave the burdensome finances to a professional who can make your year-end simple.

General Accounting

Whatever accounting task you need for your nonprofit, we can find the specialist right for you. Even if you already work with a professional, it's likely that you are missing out on an expert with specific industry knowledge for your nonprofit.

A professional that has a specialty nonprofit is a valuable and worthy resource and investment in making sure your finances are properly optimized.

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