Albert Okagbue CPA, LLC Houston
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4.63 / 5 stars 5 reviews
Albert Okagbue CPA, LLC Houston
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4.63 / 5 stars 5 reviews


We work with experienced business owners but also new businesses and first-generation wealth builders.
We have a track record of helping clients increase their profits and wealth using a combination of done-for-you services as well as advice & financial coaching.

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"When opportunity knocks, break the locks and rush the gates." - P.O.D.

"The world is yours." - Nas

Why do customers choose you?

We have experience working with people who do not consider themselves "financially" savvy, but want to get great results from their businesses especially business owners motivated by a strong desire for legacy.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

When a client gets what they want, but also understand why it is the best choice for their current situation.

How can you help businesses develop?

We help businesses better understand their profitability so that their operational decisions actually make them larger amounts of money. We coach founders on fundraising; other times we help them prepare for lenders. We also help business owners understand the relative profitability of new business opportunities so that they can avoid certain situations or engage them with the appropriate strategy.


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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Ageras rating star
4.63 / 5 stars 5 reviews
Thomas Billings, Jr. 1 day ago
As an accountant, Albert is knowledge and wise, but also personable and generous. He has done my taxes for years now, and he always helps me figure out the things that make me most stressful with precision, time, and integrity. I trust him completely with my financial information, and you should too!

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