AllanTaylor, CPA, LLC Chuluota
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AllanTaylor, CPA, LLC Chuluota
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We are a full service accounting firm for growing businesses and their shareholders. We are a veteran and family owned operation and have clients across the U.S. that we are proud to support. Our clients come first, and our mission is to make sure they succeed.


Why do customers choose you?

Customers choose me because I don't send them to voicemail. I am attentive to our clients and answer questions, provide guidance, and discuss current situations.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A new virtual client requested help a few weeks ago with late 1099s to file, delinquent payroll taxes, and her business was a mess. We filed her 1099s and payroll immediately, and uses data science to export all her bank transactions to excel which we were able to aggregate and sort for fact-finding purposes and ultimately, financial statements for the year. Upon closing, we finalized 2 additional business operations at no extra charge.

A new local client brought us a start-up business this year. The client was behind on administrative items

How can you help businesses develop?

Business development is our specialty. Entrepreneurs tend to have bigger things to think about than compliance matters, laws, regulations, etc. Our first support to developing business is to take away any of the non value adding activities so that the operation can focus on what drives their revenues. After we achieve that, we provide recommendations on additional compliance activities that are within their budget that may protect them. When we have an established relationship with a business that we are confident has no compliance issues...


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


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