B Glover Company Inc Riverside
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3.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews
B Glover Company Inc Riverside
Ageras rating star
3.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews


Located in the Riverside, CA market, Barry Glover has been serving the local community and surrounding areas for over 30 years. The B Glover Company offers a wide array of professional accounting services inclusive of:
- Individual
- Business
- Tax Returns
- Tax Planning
- Business Consulting
- Retirement Planning
- Estate Planning
- Financial Reports
- Bookkeeping


Interview quote

"Don't ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting...know your numbers."

- Tilman J. Fertitta

Why do customers choose you?

Customers choose the B Glover Company not only because of the years of experience we have to offer, but for the variety of services that we can provide. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and ability to provide comprehensive financial service packages that can meet the needs of every client type.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

We strive to be straight forward and honest with our clients, as we cannot provide exemplary service without being forthright. The ability to have an open and receptive line of communication allows for us to not only meet your needs, but to surpass them.

How can you help businesses develop?

With the wide array of services that we offer, we strive to be your lifelong financial partner and assist with your growth. We can help your small business plan the path to become a larger business, and we can assist with taking your large business to the next level. It is our goal to protect your financial health so that you can concentrate on the aspects of your business that push it forward.

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Ageras rating star
3.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews
Toptek 1 year ago
Engaged Barry gave him deposit. He did no services gave him 30 day notice we will be making a change as per agreement. He never refunded deposit.

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