Classy Consulting Kennesaw
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Classy Consulting Kennesaw
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We offer the following services using cloud technology to perform the tasks remotely from our office location:

Formation Services
Bookkeeping & Accounting (Mthly or Qtrly)
Year Round Tax Planning
Tax Preparation (Business/Personal)
Tax Return Amendments
Back Tax Preparation
Personal & Business Credit Building

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I enjoy the phrase "From pockets to profits"! Which simply put is how I want all my clients to feel after working with us. The money goes into their pockets with the ultimate goal of recurring profitability!

Why do customers choose you?

They choose us because we give them the confidence and security they need to operate their business efficiently and effectively. Our clients always know how their business is or isn't doing throughout the entire tax year, rather than after the fact when decisions are final. Our strategic approach to monitor our clients transactions year round helps them avoid frivolous taxation pitfalls and pursue a profitable tax year with little to no tax due.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A fantastic customer experience is when a client leaves 1) Satisfied with the outcome, 2) Confident in the information they received, 3) A desire to learn more on the subject matter, and 4) A new eagerness to accomplish new goals derived from the conversation.

How can you help businesses develop?

We help businesses develop by being involved during the "when" and not the "after". We are available year round to help guide our clients through their tax year advising on the most tax advantageous ways to process transactions, spending limitations, the effects of a transaction on their personal taxes, and so on. These small tasks surmount to unlimited tax savings and helps clients keep more of their earnings in their pockets.

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