ECJ Tax & Financial Services Roswell
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ECJ Tax & Financial Services Roswell
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At ECJ Tax & Financial Services, being a full CPA firm isn’t just about crunching numbers with the goal of just preparing tax returns. It is about providing our clients with an unparalleled level of excellence as we strive to increase our client’s overall net worth both from a financial and non-financial perspective.

Our firm wants to redefine what you expect from your CPA firm. It is more than just Taxes and Accounting. It is about being a true partner in your success as you strive to achieve your passion in life, work and business.

We have offices in both NYS and Ga.


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My definition of passion = doing something that you love to do and even if you did not get paid to do it, guess what you would still do - Now for those that get paid for doing their passion well they are quite lucky and blessed!!

Why do customers choose you?

At our firm, we strive for excellence in all that we do. We like to utilize our acronym called “CHIC” which for us stands for:
C = Character
H = Honesty
I = Integrity
C = Customer Service
We feel that clients choose our firm over others due mainly to the following points:
 We teach our clients to work smarter than harder – ie money works for you vs. you working for money
 We empower them to fish for themselves vs. allowing someone else to fish for them as it relates to generating more income, wealth and taking more control of your overall t

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

Helping a client to transform their life from reactive to proactive from a tax, income, wealth, and life perspective. Takes time but once you begin the process, the transformation is powerful. For example, 8 years ago one of our clients had basically no savings in their accounts. Fast forward to today, their accounts have close to $100k in them. The client did most of the work, all that our firm did was to help them to identify their goals and aspirations ie what was important to them and how to achieve them. Our role involved changing the

How can you help businesses develop?

Our firm can help a business by employing the above items and specifically related to tax/income/wealth, etc we like to say it this way.

We have to play the game of life (the client can insert a specific task or situation).
We have to play that game with their game board and game pieces
We have to play that game with their rules and regulations

The key to our firm's success has been teaching and showing our clients how to use all of the above items to their advantage ie playing within the rules of Life (or other specific task) and mastering


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