Fahmia INC (CPA) Torrance
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Fahmia INC (CPA) Torrance
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Fahmia, Inc is a California-based CPA Firm that is leading in accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and tax audit services.


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With serious motivation, confidence, and imagination, I believe we can reach our dreams.

Why do customers choose you?

We are constantly regarded as one of the most responsive, knowledgeable, efficient, and client friendly firms. We work hard to learn our clients' needs, evaluate and discuss their options, and work with them to accomplish their unique objectives for services such as tax preparation, financial statement preparation, bookkeeping engagements, or tax conflict resolutions.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A fantastic customer experience starts with a client coming prepared with all of their accounting and tax related questions and ends with us answering them as well as helping our clients achieve their goals as it serves their unique interests.

How can you help businesses develop?

Every business has transactions and these transactions can be used to generate financial reports. These financial reports are vital in helping business owners evaluate where to cut costs, where they reinvest, maximize tax positions, etc. We use available technologies and technical expertise to work with our clients to understand their business and analyze their financial data and circumstances to assist them in meeting their growth expectations.


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