Ferdinand M. Pellegrino (EA) Woburn
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Ferdinand M. Pellegrino (EA) Woburn
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We are a small boutique International Tax Consultant firm that assist American Expats living abroad in keeping tax compliance with the IRS at the Federal and State levels. Whether you are an American Expat; working overseas, a retiree living out the fruits of your hard work and labor or savings and a pension, a Perpetual Traveler or an Accidental American of the United States living anywhere in the world including Europe, you are required to file Federal Tax Returns. In some special circumstance you are even required to file State tax returns as well as report bank accounts and certain assets overseas. Let our 25 years of experience in working with Compliance reporting to the IRS and State Authorities give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Why do customers choose you?

Client's choose my firm because we are experienced in U.S International Tax Advisory for expats living abroad as well as special visa workers in the US. We offer a personal touch because we understand that no two client's are alike.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A client who seeks value through an International Tax Consultant and not simply a firm that prepare tax returns.


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