GV & Co. LLC Winnetka
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GV & Co. LLC Winnetka
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GV & Co. is a family owned business dedicated to giving utmost the attention to each client and performing our duties in a timely manner and with high professionalism. We have extensive experience that includes both public and private accounting. We look forward to connecting with you!


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Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant!

Why do customers choose you?

Customers choose us because we truly put them first in every decision that we make. We have very strong attention to detail and have a real desire to add value to our clients' personal lives or businesses

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

A fantastic customer experience is a situation where we have made the client feel like we are a part of their team, not just an outside vendor and where we can show the value that we have added to our client's lives and businesses

How can you help businesses develop?

We help individuals and businesses gain a deep understanding of their financial position and help them make informed decisions about the future based on their current finances


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