JF Bookkeeping New Rochelle
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JF Bookkeeping New Rochelle
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Extensive experience in accounting including bookkeeping, taxation, auditing, inventory management, supply chain management, procedures and policies, etc.
Hands on approach to accounting to relieve time / costs of individuals and business to enable them to concentrate on their business to maximize the bottom line of their business.
Excellent knowledge in setting up process and procedures for sales, purchases, inventory, payroll and fixed assets.
JF Accounting will deliver to meet the needs and challenges of the client.
Experience counts!


Interview quote

" Good bookkeeping leads to good business management and growth" - Bickert

Why do customers choose you?

Many years of experience and knowledge in accounting.
Wide range of expertise - bookkeeping, taxation, auditing, procedures, internal control systems, inventory management
Cost Cutting analysis - presenting strategies and plans to cut costs
Auditing - doing audits to ascertain areas of better management to maximize profits
Reliable, accurate and dependable service with on time delivery.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

Placing an emphasis on valuing customer's time and building an excellent relationship with a customer. Delivering required reports on time using the knowledge and resources. Exceeding client's expectations. Going the extra mile to save money for the customer. Help the customer stay focused on their business growth by saving money / time by entrusting the bookkeeping function to JF Bookkeeping.

How can you help businesses develop?

By taking the cost and time burden off the task list of business owners and helping them to devote that time and money towards the business growth.
Setting up procedures and systems to reduce costs.
Doing audits to identify any improvements to existing systems
Tax planning advise


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