Marc Cohen & Associates (CPA) Boca Raton
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Marc Cohen & Associates (CPA) Boca Raton
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Cohen + Associates, LLC was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals. While our primary services include accounting, taxation, and business consulting, we also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. We service a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and non-profit organizations, and are experts in the accounting issues and tax laws that impact our clients. Our staff offers the benefits of years of experience. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.


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Everyday should be fantastic, act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic.
Lastly, failure is not an option!

Why do customers choose you?

We strive to build long term relationships, our goal is for you to consider us an integral part of your business or financial needs. We strive to bring value to every client that we work with.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

We strive to have our clients feel that we have there back. We constantly look out for there best interest. We take a proactive approach and don't wait for clients to call us if something new is happening, but instead we call them.

How can you help businesses develop?

We help our clients develop because we can facilitate most clients needs. Whether they need a legal referral, banking referral, insurance referral, financing referral, leasing referral. Our network has a wide cast that we tap into regularly for clients.


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


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