Michael Verderosa, CPA Mastic Beach
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Michael Verderosa, CPA Mastic Beach
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We are a new wave tech savvy accounting firm who utilizes the new technology to become more efficient.


Interview quote

The most valuable resource we have in this world is our time.

Why do customers choose you?

I am very communicative with my clients and they really appreciate that extra effort in my services. I feel in any business relationship or any type of relationship-communication is key to maintaining a healthy partnership.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

Years back when I was an auditor working at BDO I was doing an inventory observation at a manufacturers warehouse(Large Manufacturer of Vitamins on Long Island. The one thing I noticed that they were storing tons of expired product, and this was happening throughout all of their warehouses around the country. This was brought up to the client- and the net savings for storage fees alone was in the millions.

How can you help businesses develop?

From the initial stages I would put the client on quarterly accounting and keep an eye on trends. I would do an analysis each quarter to see what kind of story the data is telling. Also, employing various tax saving strategies as this frees up more working capital.


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