Midwest Business & Financial Services Springfield
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Midwest Business & Financial Services Springfield
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Midwest Business Services was founded on the principle of helping business owners achieve and exceed the goals and reasons they established their businesses. All business owners have certain non-financial related reasons for establishing their business. These could be to provide a better product or service, provide better service in their niche, or listen to the customers and serve their needs.

Many business owners have personal reasons for starting their own businesses. These include spending more time with family, spending time pursuing other interests, being able to set their own hours, or fulfilling their own missions and dreams rather than those of others.

As the business grows, owners find that they are spending more time on their business and less time on the activities they want to pursue. This results in frustration, irritation, and eventually the owner experiences burn out. Many times this can be avoided with the right accountant who takes a personal interest in the business and the owner. A proper accountant maintain the books and records, and complete tax filings, handle the payroll, and other pain points for the owner.

The right accountant will also take time to identify trends in the business activity and assist the owner in ways to make the business function more efficiently and produce more return of profit. The right accountant wants to help the business owner to achieve their personal and business goals. And the right accountant will take a personal vested interest in the business in order to help the business grow and provide the business owner the opportunity to attain their personal goals.

If you, as a business owner, have found that you have lost the thrill, excitement, and enthusiasm that you once had for your business, perhaps it is time to make the move from your present accountant or bookkeeper to the right accountant that provides not only the accounting and tax services your business needs, but also takes a vested, personal interest in helping your business grow to meet your expectations and goals for your business and personal growth.


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Why do customers choose you?

I consistently bring my best to meet my clients needs. This includes taking a personal interest in the business and personal goals of the owner. I consistently strive to relief the pain points that a business owner has in their business activity, and work diligently to resolve problems and issues for the business owner. Essentially, I provide the services of a CFO to any business of any size.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

Nothing pleases me more than knowing that the client that I am working for finds peace and happiness in knowing that I, as their accountant, taking on the pain points that the client has to deal with, and knowing that the client rests easy in knowing that things are being handled correctly, efficiently, and promptly. My job with my clients is part of a team that strive for perfection.

How can you help businesses develop?

With CFO level services, I can identify problem areas within the business that slows the development of the business. I strive to help business owners get in touch with their reason for starting their own businesses, identifying the pain points that the business owner is experiencing, and producing results which helps the business owner identify growth opportunities that produce results.


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