Munoz & Son Katy
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Munoz & Son Katy
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Christopher M. Munoz attended the University of Texas at Austin and began his professional career in Houston, TX.
Chris left corporate structure to pursue his own fast-paced and reactionary approach to tax law and the opportunities that benefit self-starters like himself. Chris is the father of four and builds his schedule in response to both his clients and family.

Our firm thrives on staying ahead, compliant, and exercising conformity and conversation to the benefit of each of our clients and client friends. We look to grow our business by sharing the learnings of recent years and our progressive approach to tax accounting with each of our clients. If you are dealing with formation, reorganization, divorce, growth, or tax communications that can seem daunting, I am confident that we will find you a solution.
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There is an opportunity to save, to grow, and to prosper, that you have overlooked; Let's explore each of these together.

Why do customers choose you?

I approach accounting and tax accounting from a learning perspective, backed by years of experience and an academic career that makes me a best choice for a variety of clients. I left corporate structure years ago to pursue my own vision of family and success, and to share my knowledge with each of my clients who become family. I have a path for each of my professional partners that will meet their immediate needs and growth expectations.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

Within minutes I can decipher whether or not I am a part of a company family. I know that a perfect client relationship gives my clients the confidence they are seeking to pursue growth and to help them understand their personal obligations and potential. Referrals are the bloodline that has grown my firm and allowed me to build lasting relationships with clients that have exceeded their growth expectations.

How can you help businesses develop?

There are numerous opportunities for companies to ascertain the benefits under ever-changing tax and accounting opportunities that are overlooked by more traditional accountants. Taking an existing business on with a fresh perspective, almost always, clarifies a direction and opportunity that was not anticipated. It is an exciting approach and listening is something I consider to be a key and necessary skill to serve my clients.

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