Smallwood Bookkeeping and Taxes Winston Salem
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Smallwood Bookkeeping and Taxes Winston Salem
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We provide elevated bookkeeping and tax preparation services for small businesses and individuals. We help entrepreneurs take their time back with our reliable and timely bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Your accountability partner - handling the books from start to finish each month. Having peace of mind over business finances will lift a weight off your shoulders.

I thought someone worried about tax time said something?


Why do customers choose you?

Well hi there, I'm JeLisa! When i'm not staring at spreadsheets & crunching numbers you can find me on my yoga mat or local restaurant. I love tiny houses, traveling and being black! With over 6 years of public and private accounting experience, I can assure you the practices of Smallwood Bookkeeping and Taxes is in aligned with some some of the leaders in the industry, with a little more TLC and affordability.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

One where both parties are able to communicate openly with each other. A partnership between customer and trusted advisor or professional with a common goal to provide value. The customers needs are discussed, respected and valued. The advisor is relatable, knowledgeable and provides value to each customer as if it was prepared for him or herself.

How can you help businesses develop?

By first giving the owner their time back to focus on marketing and other aspects of their business. The average business owner spends 100 hours per year on bookkeeping tasks. Why not take that time back and partner with a trusted advisor like Smallwood Bookkeeping and Taxes? This partnership will save your business


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