UDTH Accounting Manhattan
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UDTH Accounting Manhattan
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UDTH delivers clean, organized and accurate books weekly. Monthly reconciliations performed across all bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit.

UDTH helps small businesses succeed in a tough regulatory and financial environment.

UDTH Accounting was built as a response to the needs of the micro and small business communities. Our team of experts are uniquely suited to help entrepreneurs navigate their business environment. With a clear goal of creating a level playing field for all businesses regardless of their size or resources.


Interview quote

"Small businesses deserve similar professional support that big businesses get. UDTH is designed to fill that gap for the small and micro business community."

-Scott Smith, JD
Founder UDTH Accounting

Why do customers choose you?

Our solutions are supported by the major software providers; Microsoft, QuickBooks and LogMeIn. Allowing all of your files to be stored within secure document libraries. Move your business to the cloud servers while minimizing risks.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

UDTH provides human bookkeepers that use technology workflows to ensure clean and accurate books weekly. You will receive an email every week that we updated your transactions. Then monthly you will receive an email with your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. Included in the email will be a professional analysis of your business performance that month using key indicators.

How can you help businesses develop?

We value a human relationship when it comes to your business accounting. UDTH believes that bookkeepers should provide added value with their services. That’s why we send your business monthly reports which include custom business analysis from experienced accounting professionals. Trust the data then use it to improve your business.

Reports that tell the story of your business. Because you can't improve what you don't measure.

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