Upkeep Books and Support Atlanta
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4.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews
Upkeep Books and Support Atlanta
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4.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews


At UpKeep, we specialize in bookkeeping solutions for small businesses. Our firm offers a wide range of solutions such as company set up, data entry, transaction categorization, bank account & credit card reconciliation, tax preparation package for CPA’s, Quarterly and/or Monthly reporting, one on one support, payroll services, sales tax payments, and special reports, among others.

Our team has proven experience in handling books and providing support to a wide range of businesses and industries, which makes us flexible, adaptable, and trustworthy.

Our Cost-effective service, combined with customer success orientation and proven track record makes us a competitive and reliable partner when it comes to bookkeeping and support.
Upkeep, KEEPING your numbers UP and going.
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Your partners for growth
Focus on your business, we’ll take care of your bookkeeping

Why do customers choose you?

Cost-Effective Solution - Upkeep teams and staff are strategically located around the world. Which allows for a flexible and cost-effective pricing structure.
Proven Track Record - Our team has 10+ years of combined experience handling bookkeeping and operations for different types of businesses and industries.
Streamlined Process - A standardized and consistent process that allows for seamless daily operations and reliable customer service.

What do you consider a fantastic customer experience?

At Upkeep we have personalized support to tailor our services to each particular need. We understand every industry and business is different, thus we customize our services to match what is important to our clients.
We are accessible any time via email or text, and we set up a monthly meeting to go over the P&L and Balance Sheet statements in order to identify possible issues or opportunities.

How can you help businesses develop?

We love working with our clients in providing visibility about their performance.
By keeping clean accounting books and providing monthly reporting, our clients gain visibility on every aspect of their business. During our monthly meetings, we work with our clients to help them identify problematic expenses, income opportunities and help them understand their business position at any given time.

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Ageras rating star
4.25 / 5 stars 1 reviews
Daniel Angel 2 years ago
We have been working with UpKeep for a long time now, they manage all our bookkeeping from our multiple entities and I couldn't find enough words to describe the exceptional work they do. Keeping up with our monthly reports, our accounts reconciled and every single detail. For us, reporting is a big deal given we work with investors who need to have updated and flawless reports on a regular basis. We count on the UpKeep team for this and wouldn't do otherwise!

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