At Ageras, our partners are the heart and soul of everything we do - and each one of them has an interesting story to tell!

Our Q&A series allows us to shine a spotlight on some of our most talented accountants in the Ageras community as we learn more about their stories and backgrounds.

Today, we have Louis Stalwart - the owner of LANS Office - joining us to share a bit of his background, his thoughts on the importance of accounting, and his experience using Ageras.

Louis Alfred Nickolas Stalwart, the Principal + Owner-Operator of LANS Office, was born and reared in Charlotte Amalie, West Indies. Paradoxically, he earned a Baccalaureate in Philosophy from Florida International University in 2011, but later discovered his passion for Financial Stewardship through assisting friends and relatives with financial matters.

Hi Louis! Let's start things off with a bit about you. Can you give us an introduction to who you are, and what you do?

My name is Louis Stalwart. I am a Tax Preparer and Professional Accountant by trade. I own and operate a Boutique Accountancy and Tax Firm in Southeastern Florida, where I am currently permanently resident.

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What was it that initially drew you to the accounting profession?

While I studied Philosophy in college, I was drawn to Accountancy because it's ultimately based on the premise that "everything must balance" upon conclusion. I was interested in Taxation before I became interested in Accountancy, so it was a natural fit. 

What things make you love coming to work every day?

I enjoy solving problems. Most people find tax issues daunting. I see them as obstacles that can always be overcome, with a little research and lots of determination.

Many business owners underestimate the importance of accounting. So tell us, why do you believe that accounting is so important for business owners?

An organization that cannot account for its Receivables and Payables is an organization that cannot properly steward its Assets or effectively liquidates its Liabilities. Therefore, Accountancy is important because the end result of good Accountancy (accurate financial statements) forms the basis for decision-making.  

What kind of activities have you done in the past to try to bring on more clients, and grow your business?

It's been my experience that most taxpayers find Accountants, Attorneys, and Tax Preparers to be generally intimidating and either too vague or too technical. In order to "soften the below," I've developed a business model that bundles services by price point with the object of offering Accountancy and Tax Services for every demographic. What's more, each service has its own brand separate from the others - which means that (prospective) clients are targeted accordingly. 

Tell us a bit about your history with Ageras. What was intriguing to you that made you interested in wanting to give it a try?

I am establishing my Firm at a time of great changes in the delivery of professional services. While I don't yet understand how Ageras will play into my firm's success, I am certain, without hesitation, that it will be. The team at Ageras has been extremely helpful and courteous. I am looking forward to learning from them, and to interact with prospective clients across the country through them.

We are grateful to have Louis as a partner here at Ageras, and look forward to his success!

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