Ageras is a leading platform for professional accounting services. We are specialists in matching customers with bookkeepers, auditors, accountants, and other experts within the financial industry. We are an independent intermediary that connects the market at both ends.

Ageras is driven by the vision to make the market for accounting and bookkeeping more transparent because we strongly believe that this will benefit everyone. In order to achieve this goal, we have created an A-to-Z solution for optimized collaborations.

A great collaboration consists of two key factors: the right partner and the perfect platform, where people can work together seamlessly. Therefore, we are happy to present how Ageras will help you to get it right from the start:

1) Get suitable quotes

It all starts when you submit a request on our website. Briefly describe your case, as well as your requirements, expectations, and wishes. The Ageras customer service team is professionally trained to process your case and to find the best quotes for you, based on your company’s needs. We deal with a broad variety of cases on a daily basis, including accounting, bookkeeping, tax advice, auditing, business launches, and many more.

a. Ageras is independent

Our goal is to find a solution that fits you perfectly. As long as our carefully selected partners suit your needs, it does not matter which one you choose in the end. We will consider every specialist that provides a 100% match for your case.

b. A countrywide network

Our strength is defined by our extensive network, which covers the entire country. This exponentially increases our chances of finding an expert who is right for you, no matter which field of expertise, geographic location, company size, or budget you require.

c. You will be updated at all times

While our team is working intensely to present you with some perfect matches, you do not have to miss a thing. Every time you receive a suitable quote, we will notify you via email. Additionally, our customer service team is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to answer your questions.

d. Free of charge and non-binding

There is no need to pay us: our service is completely free of charge. Furthermore, once we present you with all your quotes, there is no obligation to choose any of them. After all, if you do choose one, it means that we have done our job right.

2) Pick the best quote

The next step will enable collaboration with a specialist who understands your situation and who will save you time and money. Choosing the best quote can be a tough decision to make, but Ageras will guide you through the entire process.

a. Compare the quotes

Ageras will present you with a user-friendly overview of the quotes. You will be able to compare them, have a look at the offered services and study the corresponding prices.

b. Read reviews

We do not only show you the quotes, for it is equally important to compare the specialists who have submitted them. Take a look at their experience and at the company descriptions. How satisfied are their other customers? Ageras is happy to provide these reviews, so you can make a decision with which you feel happy and comfortable.

c. Talk to the specialists

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated Ageras customer service team. For any questions directed to the specialists that have given you a quote, we offer a convenient message function on our platform.

3) We ensure quality

Even though financial and legal matters can be tedious, it is crucial to managing them accurately. By accepting a quote via Ageras, you automatically receive our free quality insurance. Rest assured - we will ensure that your request will be handled correctly.

4) We build long-term relationships

Ageras provides a user-friendly platform, where you will be able to establish a long-term collaboration with your accountant or bookkeeper. We encourage everyone to start


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